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How to Register an account on Google Wallet (Google Play)

How to Register an account on Google Wallet

Android Tips | If you see a lot of applications or books on Google Play and want to buy it. Then you must have a Google Wallet account
Google Wallet is an Android application which is used as a means of payment that is stored on the Android smartphone. This application can store credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, etc. that can be used to make any payment facility using Google Wallet.
How to Register an account in Google Wallet (Google Play)?
Follow these steps:
Step 1: Please visit the web
Step 2: Set up your Google Wallet (Write Name and home location appropriate)
Step 3: Enter your name (It is recommended to write the original name and complete)
Step 4: Credit or debit card (Please fill in your credit card number)
Step 5: Select "Send me Google Wallet special offers, invitations to provide product feedback, and newsletters"
Step 6: Please tap "Accept and Create"

How to Register an account on Google Wallet (Google Play) is finished and simply shopping on Google Play
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